For those on the go,this
pedicure takes care of the
basics: a quick soak and
exfoliation followed by a
clip, cut, and shaping of
the cuticles and nails. No
Massage for the finish -
just a nice coat of paint

tues - fri
11 am - 7 pm

saturday - sunday
10 am - 6pm


470 Third Street

San Francisco, CA


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$26 "Express" Pedi
Whether you need a
little tender care, or
focus on a particular
area, we have the
prescription to restore
your nails to their
natural beauty
$17 "Express" Mani
$30 Classic Pedicure
$20 Classic Manicure
Our classic pedicure starts with a foot soak, followed by grooming of
the nail bed, cuticles, and a soothing exfoliation
and massage.
$42 "Signature XO" Pedi
$28 "Milk + Honey" mani
Our signature pedicure
starts with a followed by
grooming of the nail bed,
cuticles, and finished
with a sea salt scrub,
callus exfoliation, and
Enjoy our special
manicure starting with a
milk + honey scented
soak, followed by our
cuticle complex oil,
milk + honey creme
massage, activated by
hot mittens. Finish with
your favorite polish
$48 "Refresh Sports" Pedicure
Selected by Vogue Magazine, this pedicure takes care of the active
feet, with focused care on areas such as rough spots and tired foot
muscles:  soak, callus exfoliation, scrub, and extended massage
melts away the tension of stressed muscles.
$58 Lavender Paradise Pedicure
Picked by Allure Magazine, this soothing pedicure raises the bar
with our lavender sea salt scrub,warm lavender-infused lotion ,a
hot paraffin wrap, and our extended massage for a total
$38 Express Mani -Pedi Combo
$46 Classic Mani -Pedi Combo
$86 Polished GEL Mani -Pedi Combo
$42 GEL Manicure
$52 GEL Pedicure